Pizza Bear Is The Cookie Brand From Your Childhood Dreams

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Pizza Bear will inspire you to think beyond the norm. Get this: Pizza Bear is neither pizza nor anything having to do with bears. Interesting, right?

Inside these pizza boxes, you'll find 20 freshly baked cookies. It's the cuteness of the teddy bear and the comfort of pizza that makes these uniquely packaged cookies seem perfect. The line drawings create a delightful nostalgic feeling, and in combination with the handwritten inspired font, this identity is as approachable as you'd want freshly baked cookies to be. Unfortunately, these cookies were only available last winter, but we're manifesting with all our might that they'll be back because, um, hello, they're too charming not to want them.

"PIZZA BEAR", a new brand of cookies packed with the deliciousness of pizza. I made a character with the concept of "a bear who loves pizza". As you stack the pizza delivery packages, the cookie illustrations will be piled up on the side.

Project Credits

Manufacture and sale: Mary Chocolate Co., Ltd.

PR: Mitsue Takahashi