Portugal’s Vila 953 Branding Tells a Story Of Tradition

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The coastal country of Portugal is known for its port wine, beautiful beaches, and love for football (also known in America as soccer).

Villa 953 is a restaurant located in Portugual that honors the country's traditions, culture, and elegance through its branding system designed by KOBU Agency. While the branding and restaurant interior is contemporary, the traditions are balanced through rich color choices and stylized typographical and illustrated elements. The result is a timeless branding system that's sure to inspire generations of hungry customers to come.

Vila 953 is a traditional restaurant with a contemporary approach located in a very particular Portuguese town, Vila do Conde. We developed an immersing research process for this branding project as we dug through one of the oldest historic episodes at the genesis of our own country's foundation and discovered three very charismatic characters that set the perfect narrative to ground this brand's visual identity.

The brand proudly incorporates strong traces of the past in its logo through the use of a classically inspired ambigram and the illustrations of three characters resembling medieval wax seals. The colour palette conveys a sophisticated yet warm mood that adds to the elegant visual aesthetic, reflecting originality, quality, and charisma. In the end, this branding project resulted in an elegant combination of tradition and contemporaneity, reflecting a modern and dynamic business vision.

Project Credits:

KOBU™ Agency:

Creative Director: Sandra Lopes

Business Strategist: Isabel Evaristo

Brand Designer: Brígida Guerreiro

Illustrator: Gonçalo Cevadinha

Motion Designer: Pedro Santos

Photo and video frames courtesy of Vila 953