Press-On Nails Are Making a Comeback Thanks to Tanya Kar

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Press-on nails were made famous in the 1970s, but lately, as people have been slowly coming out of quarantine, they've been making a comeback.

Tanya Kar created the brand refresh for DIY direct-to-consumer nail brand PressOn. The vibrant color palette and dessert-inspired branding establish an identity that provides consumers with a deliciously delectable nail kit. Leaving the oversized text as a simple gold outline on the front of the packaging is, seemingly, a visual metaphor that color is your choice.

Who would've thought that press-on nails would make their way back to the mainstream, with funky branding to match?

Brand Refresh and Packaging Design for @thepressonshop – a yummy, DIY direct-to-consumer nail brand that makes Nail Gellies and premium nail goodies! Led by the women duo, Florence and Kelly, PressOn is a community-powered small business where all products and designs are crowdsourced by their community.

PressOn's bold color palette and dessert-inspired brand gives nail gellies a fun, fresh take on nails, and is focused on providing you with products that looks yummy, fun and buildable. They encourage you to get creative, and to create any nail look and design to match your style with their line of customizable DIY Nail Gellies, sticker packs, and top coat options!

Say #hellotonicenails, and develop a better, easier, healthier, self-care routine for your nails!

Project Credits

Tanya Kar | @tanyaxart

Photography: Haas House