Ragged Edge’s Identity for Gaia Adds a Welcome Softness to IVF Branding

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

In vitro fertilization is often visualized through an overly pharmacological lens, which can lead to branding systems that feel out of touch with patients enduring what can be a highly emotional process. The IVF insurance brand Gaia stands out from the rest thanks to Ragged Edge, who created an optimistic platform with a warm, vibrant palette and a typeface that feels wholly inclusive. This visual identity takes a bold, yet thoughtful approach that keeps the hard reality of IVF journeys at the forefront of the design.

Gaia makes IVF the most accessible it’s ever been. With a first-of-its-kind prediction of your unique chances to have a child. And with a personalised insurance plan that eliminates the huge upfront cost typical of treatment. Gaia came to us for a brand to give people agency over their fertility. A brand to break stigmas as it makes families.

Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples, women are having children later in life, men’s sperm count is falling dramatically, and the number of same sex couples wanting to become parents is increasing. IVF could be the answer for this whole new generation of families. But with aspiring parents spending over £14,000 on average on their treatment, and traditional ideas about how families should be made persisting, IVF sadly remains an expensive, exhausting, shameful last resort. Rather than what it could be with Gaia – a natural, accessible choice many people could benefit from.

We created a strategic brand platform where seeking IVF isn’t a failure. That could realign expectation with reality – predicting what’s probable, rather than promising what’s possible. That could better reflect parenthood not simply as an instinct we follow, but as a choice we can make that requires strength of character and resilience. And finally a brand platform to crush stigmas surrounding IVF, meaning everyone’s journey to and definition of family is no less natural, no less normal.

A family unit has no fixed form. Or a fixed way to be formed. And by offering full agency over reproduction, Gaia are the lifemakers here for all future families, no matter their creation or configuration. It’s this idea that inspired Gaia’s new brand identity.

Our logo signals that Gaia is something distinctly different. With two different letters reflecting how no two families are the same. Our collages show the rich, varied and often imperfect ways we make family. Our colour palette captures the hard reality of an IVF journey, always with a touch of optimism. And our voice is bold with good bedside manner – allowing Gaia to assert its point of view in the world while always supporting individual members. Together, this is a brand for the future of fertility care, for the future of all families.