re-inc’s Gamer Collection Disrupts Gaming and Gets a Design Assist From Eddie Opara & Pentagram

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Eddie Opara and the Pentagram team have collaborated on the Spring 2021 collection for re-inc titled Gamer. The lifestyle brand is co-founded by the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team members Tobin Heath, Christen Press, Megan Rapinoe, and former member Meghan Klingenberg making for a brand that truly practices what it preaches as these women are constantly working towards representation and equality.

The Spring 2021 collection features streetwear, accessories, and objects inspired by gaming that's sustainable and inspired by old-school video game designs with a contemporary aesthetic. The typography is a new custom font called Re Nord Pixel that Raoul Gottschling designed as a play on his La Nord Re from the original brand identity. From phone cases to t-shirts to a deck of cards, each item is unparalleled with a unique design while still highlighting the brand's original aesthetic and collection.

The re—inc logo also gets recreated as a pixelated graphic, and other custom icons and illustrations have a retro-fantastic look. With copy reading “this queen does NOT need to be saved” and “smash the patriarchy,” consumers will be inspired to fight for representation and fairness in every facet of their lives. Additionally, 7% of proceeds will get donated to Black Girls Code.

Not only is this brand, and more specifically this collection, fashion-forward and unique, but it gives back to great causes while instantly inspiring others through exceptional designs and branding.

Project Credits

Pentagram project team: Eddie Opara, Lili Phillips, Raoul Gottschling, Ruben Gijselhart

Photography: Emily Lipson

Production: Jean Jarvis

Direction: Rachael Wang