Reading the Tea Leaves in Every 2020 Campaign Logo

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In 2018 (two years that feel like they were two decades ago!), The Center for American Politics and Design launched as an essential campaign logo repository, to “explore trends and typologies.”

Now, CAPD is back with 2020 updates—and bit by bit, logo by logo, the results make for a truly fascinating macro view of our graphic political language.

As The Center writes: “Overall in 2020, the politicization of our political parties continues to be further reflected in design, as numerous Republican candidates for Congress visually demonstrate fervent support of President Trump, with similarly styled logos and in photographs on the homepages of campaign websites. The aesthetics of candidates from the most Democratic-leaning districts in the country splinter into a conglomeration of styles atypical to the norms of political branding, increasingly becoming more colorful and far fewer stars and stripes.”

Here are a few visual highlights, trends and stats. Browse the full archive here.

Competitive Senate Races
Trends: Medical icons
Trends: Senior Democrat incumbents