Student’s Cold Stone Conceptual Rebrand Melts Our Cold, Cold Hearts

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Bhroovi Gupta, a Visual Communication Design student at the University of Kansas, rebranded Cold Stone Creamery for a class project.

It's hard to believe that this work is student work, and maybe Colf Stone should give Gupta a call. With youthful colors, playful packaging, and friendly vibes, Bhroovi has given an outdated brand a fresh facelift without resorting to cold granite stones and ice cream scoops.

Cold Stone Creamery is one of America’s biggest ice cream chains. Spread across more than 1,400 stores worldwide, specializing in serving premium ice cream customized for every order. The company was co-founded in 1988 by Donald and Susan Sutherland, who sought ice cream that was neither hard-packed nor soft-serve. The logo has been the same for over 3 decades and the brand calls for an update as it lacks fluidity. The new visual identity expresses innovation, wild combinations, and a young colorful personality.

Project Credits

Instructor: Jeremy Shellhorn

Designer: Bhroovi Gupta