Crystal Star Branding Takes A Holistic Approach

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Designers Jenny Moran and Scott Thares from the design firm Wink have rebranded Crystal Star. The redesign began after the simplification of the logo and took off from there. There's a nod to the company's heritage by implementing clean and straightforward typography and also maintaining a simplistic label design. The color palette throughout the branding is striking but still very understated in that the implementation of color doesn't overwhelm the design; it just highlights it. Simplicity is the star in Crystal Star's branding.

Background: We rebranded a heritage herbal supplement company. Crystal Star approached Wink to help update its brand after 40 years of neglecting marketing and branding initiatives. We partnered with Roundpeg Consulting to re-examine and define the Crystal Star brand for better consumer positioning for growth. The insights revealed that when it comes to health, there’s an active population of people who are not only curious and proactive, but who also seek out alternative and non-traditional elements to incorporate into their wellness journey.

Reasoning: We started by updating and simplifying the Crystal Star logo. The new logo design became flexible so it could be utilized in both a circular and horizontal logo mark applications. The “vine” pattern became a delicate background graphic to symbolize the natural ingredients in all Crystal Star supplements. In addition, the previous packaging had language that was confusing and that was hard for consumers to understand.

Visual influences: We looked at nature references, plant and root visuals, all which relate to the natural ingredients within the supplements. We wanted to give a nod to the heritage of the company by using simple, clean and timeless typography.

Project Credits

Jenny Moran/Scott Thares, designers

Scott Thares, creative director

Roundpeg Consulting, strategist

Isabel Subtil, photographer

Mark Ilaug, production designer

Wink, design firm

Healthy Healing, client