Kion’s New Identity By Gold Lunchbox Is Full Of Energy

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As someone who graduated from The University of Colorado, it's clear that this Boulder-based brand has taken inspiration from the highly active people, gorgeous landscape, and quirky vibe of a town and infused it in their new branding system.

Gold Lunchbox redesigned Kion, a health and wellness brand, to help the brand better showcase the depths. The new branding system introduces a logo font with movement, invigorating colors, and patterns that simply spark joy, proving that Kion is now ready for a morning sprint up the Flatirons.

Identity overhaul for Kion, a health and wellness brand based in Boulder, CO.

Within each human is a source of energy that is powerful, expressive, unique and waiting to be activated. Kion develops high-end supplements and foods aimed at flipping the switch to the inner force that’s ready to move. Kion is energy for life.

Project Credits

Gold Lunchbox

Copywriting: Chris Bernard

Strategy: The Strategy Guild

Photography: Caleb Kerr