Orchestra Kitchen Celebrates Both the Rhythm and Enjoyment Surrounding Good Food

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Orchestra's branding designed by GRÁVITA conveys the rhythm and enjoyment of music and food. Five brands with five different specialties were born from the brand, and they include Burger Jazz, Nami-Nori Blues, Tacos Coyotl, Ramen Pop, and Coquelet Chanson. Each restaurant celebrates a different global culinary specialty, and the branding system for each is gorgeous in their own light while still feeling like they belong to a bigger and cohesive group.

Eating guarantees our survival, but it also unites us, delights us, transports us, makes our life happy; the kitchen is then the epicenter of life, the place where magic happens. In the case of this project, unlike being hidden, the kitchen is alive, vibrant so you can enjoy both the result and the process. Because ordering food is fine but falling in love with cooking around the world is better.

Create a new group of restaurants, an ecosystem of brands with a fresh and relevant proposal that stands out in the full universe of delivery and allows to centralize value in the umbrella brand, creating sub-brands for each restaurant with different culinary specialties around the world.

Navigating the cultural, social, and competitive landscape faced by this newly created group, we saw the opportunity of creating brands with a common identity thread that differentiate in substance, form and message form the competition. We created a positioning territory called “Alive Kitchen”, where the audience's desire to have a delivery brand that lets you see a little further, that tells you things in a refreshing way and that gives you entry to its nooks, joins the desire of its founders to democratize the cuisine of the world in an honest and careful way.

This is the first “Dark kitchen” that is not dark, on the contrary, it’s open and moves to the beat of spatulas and spoons for those who like to enjoy a good dish and are interested in learning about its process and origins. A living kitchen that creates flavor notes from different gastronomic origins to compose symphonies for the palate. Following this spirit, we created Orchestra Kitchen, a brand that uses the simile with the rich musical universe to give you a front row ticket to enjoy global cuisine in the couch of your home. To convey the rhythm and enjoyment that occurs both in music and in Orchestra's kitchen.

Five brands with different specialties were born from Orchestra: Burger Jazz, Nami-Nori Blues, Tacos Coyotl, Ramen Pop and Coquelet Chanson, five restaurants that are inspired by the history of music in the places where these dishes were created and loved to compose Orchestra; one band, many melodies.The name, tone of voice and messages give personality to the brand with reference to music, adding cultural appropriations with the same respect with which ingredients are treated, harmonic messages are constructed to give meaning to restaurants and their delicious creations.The descriptor? LIVE DELIVERY The tagline? OPEN FOR ACTION. Both speak of the attitude of the brand, of a way of seeing the world and the kitchen. Open for action, broadcasting live and direct from Madrid on delivery platforms.

During the first decades of the 20th century, the echo of different artistic currents such as art nouveau continued to be heard, which in turn gave way to the appearance of new movements and graphic codes that permeated all layers of society. This influence also reached music, where many of the bands that began to form at that time relied on these suggestive, ornamental, and expressive features to create their own label. These codes are the ones that inspired the design of the Orchestra Kitchen wordmark, a logo with different compositions that speaks of spontaneity, creativity, and good taste at the same time, and that was born with the idea of ​​interpreting different melodies.

In the same way that a musician leans on the pentagram to write his melodies, Orchestra also does it to write his own; using images and characters that stretch precisely, from left to right, to create symphonic messages in each piece of communication.​​​​​​​

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Álex López

Mateo Buitrago

Cristina Regidor

Borja Blanco