Russ & Daughter’s Caviar Packaging From Kelli Anderson is Guided By History

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The cultural icon and New York-based Jewish appetizing store known as Russ & Daughters recently worked with Kelli Anderson to create custom caviar packaging fit for a king or queen.

The packaging concept is based on old Russian caviar tins, with typographical inspiration to match. Despite being new, it looks like this caviar could have been enjoyed by Peter the Great himself.

Fewer than 1% of family businesses survive long enough to enter the fourth generation, but Russ and Daughters is so great it's been able to stand the test of time. Which, as a lover of the brand's lox and bagels, there's no doubt that the caviar, in the most elegant tins, is just as remarkable.

This is some caviar packaging Kelli Anderson designed with/for Russ And Daughters. There is a long, richly-typographic history of Russian caviar tins which look like little jewel cases, sparkle, click-closed, and guided all of the details of this design.

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