Sage + Sound’s Elegant Branding Stands Out in the Monotony of the Wellness Industry

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It can be difficult to create branding for wellness spaces because everyone’s wants and needs are so individualized. Despite this challenge New York creative agency The Working Assembly has created a stunning brand identity for Sage + Sound, a new wellness brand on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The result is a highly fluid and extremely elegant system that feels refined, yet wholesome. While the color palette is mainly muted, playful splashes of color add a welcoming atmosphere. The typography and architecture are both structural and balanced, creating an organic environment ideal for a wide demographic. By designing a balanced, yet nuanced identity, the space becomes highly accommodating to all, yet unique enough to sell a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Working Assembly, an award-winning branding and creative agency, has collaborated with a new Manhattan based wellness brand, opening their first location on the Upper East Side. 

Founded by Lacey Tisch and Lauren Zucker, Sage + Sound is a new destination that allows the wellness community to explore and expand their self-care routine. They bring together the most trusted and curated brands, practitioners, and programming to offer a wellness experience that meets everyone’s unique physical, mental, and spiritual needs. 

The Working Assembly was brought in to help refine the brand strategy, build out the visual identity system, anchored by a custom wordmark and logomark, signature brand colors and art direction of photography assets shot by David William Baum a Fashion + Still Life Photographer.  The branding agency collaborated with many partners to help bring this to life both internally and externally including Ronen Lev on how to bring the brand identity elements through to the physical space, including signage, color, fabrication, and statement pieces such as the floral linework that allows the fluidity and elegance of the brand to be translated into the space. 

“Working with Lacey and Lauren was a wonderful experience, supporting their vision and feeding off their dynamic energy was hugely inspirational,” said Jolene Delisle, Founder and Creative Director for The Working Assembly. 

Branding Agency: The Working Assembly 

  • Jolene Delisle, Founder & Creative Director 
  • Lawrence O’Toole, Founder & Head of Design 
  • Jessica Feldman, Head of Brand Growth
  • Chase Body, Associate Design Director
  • Tiffany Palacios, Senior Designer
  • Tuti Pinto, Senior Designer