Santos Cocktail Bar Is Utterly Dark And Mysterious

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Santos Cocktail Bar's branding by Quim Marin Studio is the perfect mixture of supreme royalty with over-the-top gothic connotations. It's mysterious, dark, curious, and different than any other bar's branding. In fact, that was one of the goals of one of the founding partners: "don't copy anything or anyone." You'll find an eclectic mix of textures, illustrations, and 3D renderings throughout the branding system; using different techniques has created compelling branding, and I could use a drink at this bar ASAP.

What looks to be a personalised death notice with a Gothic feel about it adorns the cover of the concise drinks menu at Santos y Desamparados. Says one of the founding partners, Alberto Villarroel, 'We have two key principles: don't copy anything or anyone – not when it comes to aesthetics, attitude or even selecting music – and create a community, one of flesh and blood, where you can come and have a friendly chat with the bartender or with other customers.' The cocktail bar, lined with low-lights and singular details shows off a completely unique character.

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