Sascha Lobe and Pentagram Designed the Artful Branding System For All-Natural Chicken Brand Cocorico

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Cocorico is a brand that aims to raise chicken with the most necessary and wholesome measures. They raise their chickens ethically and 100% naturally fed with non-GMOs, no antibiotics, no hormones, and no additives.

Not only is the health and wellness of the chickens important to Cocorico, but social responsibility is a cornerstone of their mission. The company promotes healthy living through several initiatives, including educational tools for maintaining a well-balanced diet and lifestyle, promoting social causes, and helping arts and culture programs.

To showcase the brand's vital mission both ethically and culturally, they needed an identity that could act as a visual asset. Pentagram partner Sascha Lobe and his team created the complete branding for Cocorico by creating a newly designed word marque, emblem, bespoke typeface suite, packaging design, web design, and personalized publishing.

The word marque found inspiration in the four syllables that make up the brand's name. The auditory characters from the syllables inspired a geometric form that expresses the rhythms within. The custom typeface, dubbed CCRC Display Pro, was created to contrast between thick and thin serifs, perfect for use paired with culinary purposes. "With softly flared strokes, it is sharp yet pared-back and is rhythmically balanced with the sans serif typeface suite, CCRC Text Pro," wrote Pentagram about the project. "The latter further references the Cocorico word marque to create balance, impact, and synergy between the textual components."

The color palette seen throughout the branding system focuses mainly on "Cocorico Blue," which signifies liberty and represents wide open ranges and clean, crisp air. The secondary colors of light blue, orange, and dark clover help promote and reference the freshness of the farms.

The illustration suite for Cocorico's Ready to Eat products is lively yet still manages to include negative space that helps balance compositions. The illustrations mainly focus on fresh and natural ingredients and offer a youthful perspective to the branding.

The Pentagram team partnered with branding strategist Kimberly Lloyd to help reevaluate the company's visual assets and communications. The all-natural chicken brand needed creative direction in both visual identity and photographic language. Lloyd helped reimagine the way the brand visualized poultry, especially in its most natural form.

While this all-natural chicken brand might intently focus on humane chicken farming and environmental practices, their branding system is proof that they also care about flavors and quality when delivering a well-rounded and wholesome meal.