Brand of the Day: Say Hello To De Mello

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De Mello has rebranded with Art Direction by Geneviève Bergeron and​​​​​​​ Simon Laliberté to create a colorful identity based on the founders' Korean origins and the brand's Canadian culture.

With bright bursts of yellow, Korean-inspired illustrations, and a big, bold logo, they accomplished the goal flawlessly. And while the packaging might have a lot of thought and detail, it remains minimal and uncomplicated in the best way possible. When a bag of coffee alone can give you a jolt of energy, you know you're doing something right.

BANG. Coffees of social values.BANG. An identity and packagings of Korean origin.De Mello has trusted a creative studio specialized in visual identity and packaging. Based in Toronto, the company wanted to review their branding and design new coffee bags that would represent their values and stand out in stores.The objective was to create a colorful identity based on the founders’ Korean origins and on the brand’s Canadian culture. First, we modernized the logo, the “Yangban” mask, a pleasant theatrical character known for being expressive. Then, we created an adaptation of “Horangi”, another character in Korean culture that is, despite his frightening face, nothing else than a nice tiger, funny looking but protective. The illustrator Aless MC came up with a first interpretation of the mythical tiger that has been interpreted by many artists throughout the years, just as Korean folklore paintings used to do. An amalgam of these symbols allowed us to create a branding that relates with the founders’ origins. With their new 210 g bag or a superposition of three 5 lb bags, the packaging now displays the big friendly cat as the guardian of the brand and of the coffee producers with whom De Mello works every day.

Project Credits: Art Direction: Geneviève Bergeron &​​​​​​​ Simon LalibertéGraphic Design: Geneviève Bergeron & Simon Laliberté

Main Tiger Illustration: Aless MCProject Coordination: Katia Dupuy & Simon Laliberté

Studio Photos: Luc RobitailleLifestyle Photos: De Mello Coffee Roaster