Self-Care Is In The Air With Canopy’s Humidifier

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Creative agency SMAKK helped launch Canopy's sleek and eco-friendly identity and packaging. The use of gradients to mimic the humidifier's effect is creative yet understated; there's something to say about design that's smart but not in your face. And how is it that they managed to make nearly-neon-green feel so relaxing? As someone who can't deal with clutter or unnecessary things, this is a humidifier I can get behind.

Earth-friendly packaging and playful, engaging designs help launch the DTC brand, bringing a fresh creative voice to the skincare debate

When you think of a humidifier, you don’t traditionally think of a sleek design that you want to show off, let alone a beauty accessory. Yet they remain one of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets, touted by skincare experts for their ability to deliver hydration, alleviate cold, flu, and allergy symptoms and promote glowing skin. Reimagining the humidifier as a skincare solution, Canopy partnered with branding and marketing agency SMAKK to help launch their brand, crafting an identity that deftly navigates the line between beauty and wellness.

“This is our favorite kind of project; something that offers a new solution to stand out in a crowded industry by straddling other culturally relevant categories that can really move the needle,” says SMAKK Founder Katie Klencheski. “Canopy is an ‘always on’ solution — meaning their humidifiers are hard at work to keep you hydrated and healthy, even while you sleep — but it’s also a well-designed piece that you actually want to display in your home. We knew from the start that their needs as a brand would be the perfect pairing for our capabilities.”

Working to expand the brand design around the product that was designed and engineered by agency Doris Dev, SMAKK’s team tasked themselves with the lofty goal of pushing Canopy to own the beauty-meets-wellness vertical and to lead the conversation on creating a home environment that actually works for you while keeping skin healthy and happy. This meant creating an identity that felt at home in the beauty retail environment, using their past experience working with beauty brands and insights into what beauty buyers are looking for on shelf to inform their design decisions.

The result is equal parts approachable and compelling, delivering a bright, accessible visual identity and clever, informative messaging that works to make science of wellness feel fun and conversational. Together, these elements embody a modern and playful presence that differentiates the brand in the consumer tech space. The arched Canopy logo references the shape of tree canopy and rising air, creating a shield for your health. Additional graphic devices used throughout the designs and packaging, like gradients, speak to diffusing air and the aromatherapy provided by the humidifier. Sustainability also proved to be an important part of Canopy’s brand. SMAKK worked with Doris Dev to design a plastic and styrofoam-free packaging and shipping system, using rice paper bag inserts to avoid the pollution that often comes with tech and beauty packaging.

As a DTC brand, the ecommerce site design was also integral and needed to function in a way that made learning, exploring, purchasing and subscription sign-up easy. “We wanted the innovation-centric digital presence to simplify the technical features of the humidifier and emphasize the amazing consumer benefits,” adds Klencheski. SMAKK also provided a range of marketing materials including email templates, social media designs, blog content and other collaterals.

Since launching in October, SMAKK’s designs have already left an impression, helping Canopy exceed sales expectations, and earn rave reviews from Vogue, WWD, Forbes, Allure and many others. “It’s been great to see audiences respond so positively. This has been the perfect example of what happens when a great idea delivers a message that really connects,” says Klencheski. “That’s where we really shine: showcasing a deep understanding of the beauty and wellness space and communicating science-backed benefits in an accessible, consumer-friendly way.”


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