Senno’s Branding Is Inspired By Folk Communities of the Past

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Folk art has always fascinated me. There's something so raw and honest about it, and true craftsmanship and a more profound sense of community always shine through. Brand Senno, a thoughtfully curated clothing brand, brings that deep-rooted feeling of community and charm into its branding system. The logo is full of personality but relatively simple, and the primary green hue is natural yet engaging. Plus, who can deny their simple and elegant packaging?

Brand Senno is a collaborative project of three Chelsea college of Arts alumni (Liza, Lily & Faye), it is a cross-cultural project which is inspired by folk communities of the past and their attitudes towards their clothing – functional, long-lasting, and cared for. Limited editions celebrate beautiful and thought-provoking design from traditional rural communities of Belarus, Russia, Britain, France, and Japan. The brand's mission is to make clothes designed for the real world so that you can feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. The best of both traditional and modern design is combined in the design process to create charming pieces that will age gracefully.

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Photo: Karina Rulkevich