Short Waves Festival 2021 Rebrands Thanks To Uniforma Studio

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Uniforma Studio rebranded the well-established short film festival with the theme surrounding a “Mirror Mirror” concept. The concept was based on the idea that, during the pandemic, we all had to adjust to an online/offline mode, all while in the same space and time. The typography, illustration, and grid layout are all enchanting in that they are playful in ways designers are often hesitant to create. While simple in color, this rebrand showcases what astonishingly well thought out typography can do for an identity system. 

Short Waves is aninternational short film festival with 11 years long history. In 2021 we redesigned the whole brand and created a visual identity of this year’s edition which main theme was Mirror Mirror. Why? There are multiple answers. It is first and foremost our new normal, our experiences, changes, and different reality that make us examine ourselves more intently. The pandemic has significantly intensified the Internet immersion and the dual functioning in online/offline mode.

We are also not afraid of literality – the mirror not only reflects reality, but creates it as well – just like films that present the complexity of being here and now. The motif of a mirrored reflection inside a pendant that is a core of a poster illustrating the 13. edition of Short Waves Festival and Mirror Mirror motto, takes a closer look at contemporary humans – layered and extreme: bored and intrigued, narcissistic and uncertain, lonely and surrounded by people, introverted and extroverted.

Project Credits

Uniforma Studio