Shroom Forest’s Branding Blends Two Aesthetics Into One

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The scented candle studio Shroom Forest recently partnered with loof design to create an identity system that beautifully represents the brand. The fusion of psychedelic imagery paired with a rustic approach builds a unique one-of-a-kind design that showcases the brand’s mission and ideals. Additionally, the bright colors add an element of wonder, whereas the packaging is more grounded and natural, a beautiful fusion of two aesthetics becoming one. 

Shroom Forest is a scented candle studio founded by artist Ziyuan in NYC, 2021. Ziyuan designed and developed her whole product line and all the products are hand-made mushroom form candles. Shroom Forest pursues the harmony of scent, craft and visual art. Based on the brand concept of ‘infuse the psychedelic fashion into the nature form’, I designed a ‘psychedelic market’ style visual identity for shroom Forest, crafted different labels for different types of mushroom candles. I combined the idea of ‘artistic mushroom’ and ‘fresh market’ by placing the products into the paper grocery packages, which gives the visual identity an extremely fun touch.

Project Credits

loof design