Skooki’s Goal Is To Welcome Its Customers In a Cheerfully Simple Way

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Based in the South of France, Skooki is a bar with a big personality. Anaïs Bonder designs the branding system focusing on the interaction of symmetry and disorder while keeping the letter “S” at the forefront of the design. The tri-toned color palette is simple yet vivid, perfectly welcoming without overwhelming.

Skooki is a bar in the south of France and offers a hybrid tapas menu tinged with both Oriental and Occidental influences. For this visual identity, we were particularly interested in the Berber culture and its Tifinagh alphabet and then we reinterpreted it with a typographic design devoid of ornamentation. The interaction of symmetry and disorder is at the heart of the graphic system imagined for the project. The letter S is both the backbone of the logo and the starting point of an infinite itinerary to discover the thousand and one flavors in the 4 corners of the world: Asia, Africa, and the West.

The chromatic palette is composed of 3 central colors to symbolize human nature, the nourishing earth and the awakening to life; in other words, Skooki’s vocation is to welcome its customers in a cheerful and simple way, as at home.

Project Credits
Anaïs Bonder