Snog Productions Gets a Kissable Brand Makeover That’s Red Carpet-Ready

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Standing out in show business is paramount to making it in such a competitive space, whether you’re a starry-eyed aspiring actor fresh off a bus from some small town in middle America or a burgeoning production company hoping to make a splash. Snog Productions in LA was well aware of this reality, and they turned to the branding pros at the design studio A Line for a fresh new look that reflected their impressive resume of work with brands like Vogue, Givenchy, GQ, Bose, Ariana Grande, Marvel, and American Express.

As a woman-owned production company in what can be a boys’ club of an industry, Snog prioritizes inclusion and integrity as a business, and we're eager for a brand identity that evoked this ethos. A Line swooped in to execute a comprehensive new design strategy, brand identity, messaging, website, and marketing collateral for Snog, with results that are red carpet-ready.

A critical element of the rebrand was Snog’s new logotype, which A Line designed to make a cheeky nod to the colloquial definition of "snog" in the UK (that's a kiss, Americans). They selected the bright red of the logo to reflect Snog’s passion for their work and subtly portray the “O” in the center of the word as kissing lips. Playful animation stretches out “Snog,” bringing some levity and a lighthearted flair to the logo.

A Line went with Druk and GT Zirkon as the primary and secondary typefaces for the brand identity, chosen fo
r their emphatic look and ability to complement the rest of the photography-heavy design. Druk packs a punch as the font used for project titles on the new website.

Interactivity and movement drove Snog's website revamp. As users peruse the site, images slide in and out of frame, zooming about depending on your mouse’s journey, and stacking on top of one another while scrolling. Large, red graphic elements are sprinkled throughout the site thoughtfully in the form of a playful “See More” circle appearing over featured projects on the homepage and an oversized “X” in the upper right corner of the page to exit a given project. There’s a cleanliness and ease to the site, highlighting Snog’s past projects with refreshing clarity that lets the work speak for itself.

After this bold makeover from A-Line, I think we can all agree that Snog Productions is ready for its close-up.