Sproutl’s Identity Is Rooted In The Growth Of The Brand

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The London-based design consultancy Omse thoughtfully crafted the identity system for Sproutl, a digital platform that connects new gardeners with seasoned pros. Because gardening is at the root of the brand, Omse created an identity that could grow with the brand. Bright colors, chunky typography, and digital illustrations make up the branding system in a thoughtfully refined way. 

We felt Sproutl needed an identity that could grow, just like its plants. So that’s what we created. Taking inspiration from the name, the core symbol can grow into many of the products Sproutl offers – from flowers and houseplants, to shrubs and trees.

New users can choose a symbol as their avatar. They can also answer a series of questions about their needs, which then influence the content they are served throughout the Sproutl site.

Some gardening information, such as instructions, can be difficult or dense. To make it more accessible, we created a set of growing illustrations that reference the core design language and build on the brand idea.

The Sproutl identity can be applied in a number of ways that bring the brand to life: from referencing the curves of the Sproutl symbol, to using iconography as visual punctuation that grows into a plant by the end of a sentence.

Every element comes together on the Sproutl website: a platform that connects newbies and seasoned gardeners with garden centres across the UK. Throughout the site, animations help build the idea of growth and explain different products.

Over the course of this project, we worked with a number of talented illustrators including: An Chen, Cha, Thomas Hedger, Micke Lindebergh and Milena Bucholz.

OMSE have been a delight to work with from start to finish. We’re a tech startup, and OMSE understood ‘mobile first’ and the myriad assets that we’d need across every touchpoint, creating a brand ecosystem that’s both slick and full of personality. Working closely with our team, the whole process has been seamless.

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