Step Out of the Comfort Zone and Into Whack World

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American hip-hop artist Tierra Whack is no stranger to pushing artistic boundaries, and unsurprisingly, the world she sees bears only the most passing of resemblance to the rest of ours.

Tierra and Adobe have teamed together to bring a bit of Whack World to everyone, hoping to inspire that same exploration towards the edges of your comfort zone.

Tierra Whack is all about stepping outside of her comfort zone to find her creative inspiration. To encourage everyone to make the leap and try something new, Adobe and Tierra Whack created a coloring book, full of weird, whacky characters for you to color in your own unique, creative way.

Welcome to the W is for Whack Coloring Book.

Everything here starts with “W” and is just waiting to be discovered. Start coloring all the quirky characters the way you want to.

Download a copy from Adobe here.