Studio Lami’s Rebrand For THE FULLEST Inspires You to Live, Well, to Your Fullest

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The Los Angelos based Studio Lami created the rebrand for the wellness brand THE FULLEST. Through a simple, yet strategic visual identity, Studio Lami designed a brand that juxtaposes elegance and strength through solid typography and warm color hues. Inspired by the guidance of stars and planets and ancient cultures and rituals, the illustrations and nuances throughout the branding are knowledgeable in both concept and execution.

Everyone can relate to the notion of living life to the fullest. It’s a simple idea with universal appeal. THE FULLEST has built a world around that simple philosophy. When they came to us for their rebrand, we wanted to bring that concept to life across their new line of saffron-based wellness products.

Tapping into symbolism & ideologies that have existed in human cultures for centuries, we developed a simple visual identity that could be applied to a family of products of varying shapes & sizes. The concept is illustrated using a tone-on-tone palette elevated by a seductive gold foil.

The strength of THE FULLEST brand lies in its juxtaposition to the elegant supporting font families. Used for enticing headings, descriptive copy & volume information, they provide adequate contrast to the core visual elements used to unite this collection.

Are you living your fullest?

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