The Branding For CBD Company Enjjoy Gives Sugar High a Whole New Meaning

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The booming CBD industry is vast and only growing by the day, with everyone and their mother seemingly getting in on the action. But this oversaturation of the market has led to a homogenous branding aesthetic that’s already played out. Leafy icons, earth tones, sleek and sterile product shots–you know the drill. If only a new brand would burst onto the scene and break the mold with a whole new look and feel?

Enter Enjjoy! Brought to life by NYC-based design studio Zero, Enjjoy boasts the first D2C CBD brand title and has pioneered a distinctly saccharin brand aesthetic to go with it. Rainbow gradients, squishy 3D icons that harken back to Enjjoy’s gummy offerings, and a smiling word mark make each design element feel its conception came during an extreme sugar high.

If Candy Land had a weed dispensary in its kingdom, it would be Enjjoy. Harnessing some old-school Lisa Frank vibes tempered with a touch of vaporwave hipness, Zero developed a visual world for the Enjjoy brand replete with a dynamic website that changes depending on the time of day it’s visited and a mascot appropriately named Roy G. Biv. They even thought to include a mixtape called “Now That’s What I Call CBD Volume 10” in the eye of the beloved “That’s What I Call Music” franchise I’m sure we all remember fondly from our CD-listening youth.

The actual Enjjoy products themselves almost feel beside the point next to the vibrant branding, but they still broke down their offerings into four categories called moods—chill, sleep, energy, focus—with each accompanied by a corresponding color gradient. Within each mood, buyers can opt for either the gummies or tincture varietal.

Joy is quite literally at the core of Enjjoy, and frankly, we’re overjoyed to see some new cannabis and CBD aesthetics.