The Intricacies of Moon Wine’s Packaging Are As Exclusive As a Journey to Its Namesake

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Bold Brands is a branding and packaging agency that has designed the clever and creative limited edition wine packaging for Moon Wine. The Yoshimura pattern from the paper art of origami inspires the construction, a triangular buckling pattern often found in thin-walled cylinders under axial compression. The intricate detailing of the packaging and the fact that it can only be opened once allows the opener to feel like they're being taken on a journey as exclusive as one to the moon, fitting for a wine named Moon. The color palette is stark and minimal, which, for these purposes, is striking as it allows all the focus to be on the intricacies of the construction of the Yoshimura-inspired packaging.

Celebrating the end of the year is big thing in Lithuania and all around the world. As much as showing creativity and attention to the best clients. This is why hand made local wine packaging design became a great tradition of Moontroops (BOLD BRANDS).

Moon Wine is the third consecutive uniquely packaged gift for clients. This construction of the primary packaging was based on Yoshimura pattern. Only three colours, white black and silver dominates the whole packaging to keep it minimalistic. Carton box is made as gift box only and can be opened just once.

Project Credits

Motiejus Gaigalas

Vytenis Lukosius

Urtė Lakers

Greta Dumčiūtė