The Logo Redesign That’s Cheesier Than Most: JKR Introduces Velveeta’s New Look

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Today, the beloved processed cheese company, Velveeta, announced their refreshed logo that will be seen on products starting in 2022.  

As the world moves towards one filled with flat logo designs, Velveeta decided to play keep up with their first logo refresh in over 20 years with design from Jones Knowles Ritchie. Because the brand saw an uptick in first-time customers in 2021, it makes sense that it wanted to move its identity in a more striking and more straightforward direction.

The new logo features a script-inspired typeface, with the removal of the oval encapsulating the logo, as well as the text reading “liquid gold.” While simplistic, the new logo better expresses the brand through a gooey yet refined personality.  

“Our new logo is simpler, bolder, more creamy, and more expressive,” said Leah Bowman, associate brand manager of Velveeta at parent company Kraft Heinz to Adage. What’s more, the packaging also gets that extra special JKR touch, as they successfully transformed Velveeta into the epitome of a modern, processed cheese god.

Furthermore, the brand needed to create a campaign surrounding the new look so consumers could feel appropriately introduced to the change. Of course, the spot is quite cheesy. Dubbed “That’s La Dolce Velveeta,” it draws inspiration from the Italian phrase “la dolce vita,” translating to “the sweet life” (and, thankfully, not the Fellini flick, though that would have been wild).

Creative agency Johannes Leonardo and film director Harmony Korine (of Gummo and Spring Breakers fame) worked collaboratively on the numerous ads for the campaign, featuring luxurious characters exultingly devouring the joy of being overwhelmed by a Velveeta treat. Because Velveeta, after all, makes our lives a little bit simpler and more delightful, and consequently, a little bit sweeter.