This High-Tech Architecture Studio Wants to Give Your Property the 3D Treatment

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fagerström presents elegantly minimal branding for Madrid’s ultra-luxe architecture firm Town Visuals. While this high-tech studio creates all kinds of imagery, they specialize in expansive 3D renderings with spectacular aerial views. fagerström highlights the brand’s panoramic capabilities with an architectural, geometric logomark that folds like a city skyline. Their sleek, no-fuss system lets the jaw-dropping landscapes speak for themselves.

Town Visuals is a 3D architecture studio that develops images, infographics and videos for real estate agencies, architects and investment funds, with special emphasis on the premium & luxury market.

Town creates high-quality renderings with a great level of detail and reality for residential, commercial or business projects, being a key partner in the real estate sales process.

The studio, which has a consolidated portfolio of clients in Madrid and Malaga, and who have also developed projects in other regions of Spain, such as Galicia or the Balearic Islands, is one of the main premium 3D architecture studios nationwide.

Town, whose practice started only a few years ago, came to fagerström to develop a new visual identity that would reflect the quality of their work and allow them to make the leap to larger and more challenging projects globally.

The new brand highlights the studio’s ability to model reality and make us dream, building new imaginary worlds from scratch and making us visualize things long before they come into existence.

The logo plays with perspective and spatial projection to link the brand with the company’s activity. The iconic letter T, formed by two non-intersecting strokes, seeks to generate a sensation of depth, creating volume from two dimensions.

On the other hand, the wordmark uses a font whose strokes seem to be formed by folds, which gives the new brand a three-dimensional feel.