This Psychedelic Yoga Studio Campaign Might Inspire You to Paint Something

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Like many things, yoga is all about what you bring to it. Its often ambitious structures may be intimidating, but it’s ultimately not as difficult as it looks, and stumbling is just part of the process. You could say the same for DIY, a meditative practice that is often enriched by happy accidents.

The West London yoga space Love Supreme Projects taps right into this spirit with their vibrant, experimental identity by Pentagram. It features bright, but calming neon circles reminiscent of mandalas, or even a more structured version of Spin Art. These psychedelic, abstract designs inspire thoughts of light and sound exhibitions by beloved artists like James Turrell or Brian Eno— which makes perfect sense for a space named after a John Coltrane album. Despite the visuals’ stunning symmetry, their slightly messy, natural elements like light blotches add a warm, human texture. The identity does a fantastic job of subtly communicating the yogic philosophy of finding one’s own way to peace— and it might just inspire you to pick up some paints.

Read more about the Love Supreme Projects campaign and watch their experiment in action below.

Love Supreme Projects is a unique shared space created to experience the magic of yoga and much more. With Jivamukti Yoga at its core, the studio is at the heart of the community at Golborne Road. It offers an extensive programme combining music with yoga, dance classes and other community-led activities, with the ambition to grow to more spaces aiming to make yoga accessible for all.

Inspired by the John Coltrane iconic album and life-changing epiphany, Love Supreme Projects creates a space that allows everyone to experience that transcendental feeling through the practice of yoga and its relationship with music.

Founded by Manizeh Rimer and Nadia Narain, the beautiful West London studio’s atmosphere is inspiring and nourishing, reflecting a vibrant and rooted concept of yoga.

Pentagram was approached to create a new brand identity to represent Love Supreme Projects’ grounded in three timeless and fundamental pillars: Joy, Union and Roots—these concepts inform the overall approach and resonate throughout the new visual language.

Contrasting with the stereotypical aesthetics of yoga brands, the new identity features a set of abstract symbols which represent the journey from turning inward to looking outward.

Created through experiments using ink drops and a lightbox, each of the vibrant symbols is unique and designed to bring a distinctive dimension to the brand. To complement the symbols, a selection of background gradients were created each with a subtle movement of colour.

The typography is inspired by jazz album covers from the 50s and 60s highlighting the strong connection with music, which is also enhanced through the rhythmic text compositions that emphasise movement and freedom. 

The colourful identity is designed to work across all of Love Supreme Projects’ on- and off-line applications including motion design for screen applications, as well as merchandise, postcards, tote bags, yoga mats and cups, signage and stationery.

Pentagram Partner:
Marina Willer

Project team:
Marta Gaspar
Rita Desport
Natalia Witwicka
Jeremy Downes
Kate Blewett
Charlotte Harmsworth
Wayne Martin

Mel Duarte (photography)
John Grant (strategy)