This Accessible Women’s Healthcare Company Gets the Elevated Brand System They Deserve

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

In 2017, a new platform called Tia burst onto the scene, fueled by a daring, revolutionary idea: offer easily accessible healthcare to women. Approachable, female-centric healthcare? What a concept!

In a largely misogynistic culture where care tends to be scarce, Tia necessarily stepped in to fill a void that never should have existed in the first place. The company started out modestly as a text service imbued with an unabashed, playful brand voice that was complemented by a system comprised of bright colors and bold fonts. Women responded with resounding approval, propelling Tia toward the in-person and virtual care offerings it provides today. 

With this new stature, Tia was in desperate need of a brand elevation that matched their expansion and ambitions. They turned to the branding experts over at Athletics, who helped them revamp their existing identity while staying true to the brand tone that drew women to them in the first place. 

In light of Tia’s growth into physical locations, Athletics switched up the brand’s color palette. While their original, brighter hues were better suited for digital spaces, the new system’s warmer earth tones elicit a welcoming energy. This updated palette includes soothing neutrals such as light cream and dark terracotta, accented by bright poppy and raspberry. Athletics took care to preserve Tia’s original flair and hard-earned brand recognition by retaining the original “Tia Pink,” and even added a few more tertiary tones in the form of pistachio, gold, white, and black. 

When it came to Tia’s wordmark and type, Athletics switched out the uppercase “T” in “Tia” for its lowercase counterpart, and replaced the original “a” with a double-story style. They also evened out the kerning in the wordmark to enhance legibility and draw attention to the signature Tia pink dot above the “i”. They opted for primary and secondary brand typefaces that would lend an air of credibility and sophistication, selecting Infer for headlines and the versatile sans-serif Basis Grotesque for body copy and subheaders. 

Meanwhile, the overarching graphic motif of the brand system is a thin, winding line chosen to symbolize the many varied healthcare journeys women experience.