TiNDLE is the Latest Meat Alternative Brand With a Stand-Out Identity From EVERLAND

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The plant-based meat market is exponentially taking off. Whether it’s because vegans are no longer a rarity or the fact that meat consumption overly contributes to the ongoing climate change disparities, alternatives for meat have been hitting the shelves faster than you can order at the drive-through. 

The latest brand that’s impacting the market is called TiNDLE, and not only is it fun to say, but it has branding that makes it feel like you’re not missing a thing. EVERLAND designed the identity system, and it’s bold, brash, and reminiscent of a street style aesthetic. The handwritten typography paired with the blue and white color palette makes it seem like TiNDLE isn’t trying to fit in with other meat alternative brands; they’re standing out, and for a good reason. 

In 2020, the alternative protein industry raised $3.1 billion in investments—more than in any single year in the industry’s history. Why? It provides solutions to some of our most serious challenges — from climate change to global hunger.

Speaking of meat alternatives. We give you TiNDLE – the new progressive food brand, defined and designed by EVERLAND. TiNDLE gives a strangely familiar taste and texture just by saying it. And it is precisely that experience you get when you’re eating this chicken, made from plants.

We turned TiNDLE into being a brand of curiosity. It is about being strange, palatable, attention-grabbing and curious for more. The flexible design makes it easy for restaurants to be as much TiNDLE as they desire, but one thing is for sure; when you see the TiNDLE flag waving, you know you’re in for a tasteful treat!

“Working with TiNDLE was a great opportunity for an agency like ours; It’s not every day we get to define and design a brand from scratch, and I feel like we really pushed TiNDLE out of the comfort zone and into a space where they can claim their own brand territory.”
– Thomas Gamst, CEO of Everland

TiNDLE is about awakening the child in you, daring you to try something new, just because! It’s a good brand position for a new food label, and it sparks new life into any menu. You just need to taste that TiNDLE TIKKA MASALALA to see what it does to your tastebuds.

The brand position is also the perfect fit for a fresh tonality and a design that turns heads. Combined with the intriguing name, it is bound to make people talk. Still, the target audience was not your average consumer but another highly demanding group; head chefs of restaurants.

TiNDLE launched in Singapore less than one year after the company was founded with an initial investment of $10 million. Some months later TiNDLE was available in also Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Kuala Lumpur. It is today on the menu in many prominent places, including Michelin star restaurants, and recently TiNDLE raised additional $20 million in funding to support the launch in additional markets incl. Europe and the US.

Hungry for more? Just follow your tastebuds; there is most likely a TiNDLE dish coming to a place near you.

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