Toodaloo: Heal Your Body and the Planet With Beautiful, Sustainable Packaging

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Hear me out, trail-mix is a superior snack that is often overlooked or too closely associated with your grandmother’s snack of choice. Enter Toodaloo, an adaptogenic trail mix with branding that embraces youthful tropes and funky touches that take trail mix from drab to enchanting. Herefor Studio is behind the beautiful work.

If it weren’t for their whimsical color combinations, fresh font choices, and quirky illustrations, I wouldn’t have thought that trail mix could ever be rebranded into GenZ’s snack of choice, but here we are. Oh, and did I mention that the packaging is sustainable through plastic-neutral choices? Well, it is, furthering proof that visionary GenZ’s will be all over this sweet and salty snack.

Toodaloo is a magical trail mix filled with adaptogenic herbs, sprouted seeds and nuts, chewy superfruits, and all the good intentions. If that doesn’t sound tasty enough, Toodaloo also uses plastic-neutral packaging and is climate-friendly, committed to regenerative agricultural practices. Every purchase is paired with a donation to the regeneration of 100 square feet of polluted farmland back into the rich, neutral soil Mother Nature intended. Why choose snacks that harm, when you can choose tasty super snacks that heal?

Project Credits

Herefor Studio

Ryan Hammond

Cory Uehara