Tucking You In With 12 Pullman Fact Booklets 1929-30

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Pullman Fact Booklets 1929-30

Before branding and marketing had all the options afforded the advertiser today, there was a substantial period when companies spent their time and money on offering up little giveaway goodies to the public. Without the web, television or even radio, corporations often relied on print to spread the word about their “Made In America” efforts.

Today it’s the small industries and independent firms that use this technique to reach their customers and clients. They’re the ones that realize the intimate benefit of tangible “tokens” like these.

George Pullman

George Pullman 1831-1897

Pullman Car Factory

Pullman Car Factory

The Pullman Company revolutionized travel on a worldwide scale by making rail travel comfortable and reliable. The company’s founder George Pullman was one of the 19th century’s prime industrialists. His “Company Town” of Pullman, Illinois was established to insure an environment that his employees could not only work in, but live in as well. Unfortunately, it evolved into more of an insulatory compound than a Utopia. He wasn’t a favorite of the labor force. Regardless, the Pullman Company had established itself as the premiere brand when it came to passenger comfort and service, and retained this image into the 1960’s.

These booklets were produced in 1929-30, illustrated by Chicago artist Louis Paeth, and described every aspect of what the company did to offer their service to the public – an illustrated “behind the scenes” story in 12 chapters. I’ve included the cover and a select image from within.

Pullman Car
Pullman Car

The World's Greatest Housekeeper

Pullman Car

Pullman Facts No. 5
George Pullman

Pullman Facts No. 6

Pullman's Lights

Pullman Car

Pullman Car

Pullman Facts No. 10

Pullman Facts No. 11

Pullman Facts No. 12

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