UNFRAME Eyewear Branding Inspires You To Be Your Most Authentic Self

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Glasses are a fun accessory because they showcase your personality without you having to say anything; they quickly become part of your identity. Unframe is an eyewear brand that’s tapping into this by creating a brand that’s all about being your most authentic self through self-expression. Brutto Studio and Marco Oggian designed the branding for this bold brand. The result is a dynamic, unapologetic, and bright identity system, perfect for inspiring customers always to be their most genuine.

Everyone’s experience is unique and for this very reason there are so many ways to be. Don’t try to look like anyone else, the only numbers that matter are the infinite possibilities you have to express yourself.

We are a bunch of humans who created an eyewear brand to boost self-liberation and challenge the frame of our society. We respect others, different points of view and the planet. Every day is a new opportunity to experiment, play with your identity and show a different side of yourself. There are no rules, classifications or limits, just a million ways to be yourself. All of them unique. It’s not about having a killer look, the coolest style or beautiful eyes. It’s about how you see the world that really makes you different.

Project Credits
Brutto Studio
Marco Oggian