&Walsh’s Branding For Appy is the Apple Of Our Eyes

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

&Walsh has done it again with the dynamic branding for Appy, India’s first apple beverage. While apple beverages are often known for their sweet and innocent branding systems, Appy takes a bold approach. With the color palette a resolute red and black duo and a typeface that mimics a stencil shape, the identity for this drink is as crisp as the juice within. Simple yet effective, as are most of &Walsh’s branding designs, Appy proves that the branding apple doesn’t fall far from the &Walsh tree. 

Appy is India’s first still apple beverage made by Parlé Agro – the creators of Frooti, Appy Fizz, Bailley & B-Fizz. Parle Agro came to us for a new identity. Visualized through bold, blocked color & type, the brand represents the drink’s unbelievably crisp & fresh qualities. We wanted the distinct black, white, and red visual language to be as refreshing as the product itself, with a simple apple design to evoke a classic feel.

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