WARR’s Branding Is Nonchalant Despite Its Hefty Brand Mission

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Unfortunately, food waste is something we are all guilty of. Whether it be that we (I) purchase baby carrots over and over even though we (I) only seem to eat half the bag, or that we (I) constantly order too much takeout despite knowing that we're (I'm) not going to eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

While it might seem like it's something we will never be able to put a stop to, WARR, a food maintenance storage for responsible consumers, is helping to combat the terrible food waste habits that we've been forming for years on end. Their branding is relatable in that it is chocked full of personality. Instead of coming across as an authoritative figure, an identity that would not gain respect for this specific brand, WARR consciously chose to be a friendly and relatable brand. With fonts that continuously rotate and fun illustrations, this brand doesn't take themselves too seriously even though their mission is of great importance. It's always refreshing to see branding that's carefree when you'd expect it to be heavy.



WARR is your next food maintenance storage, for responsible consumers. This ultra convenient storage would make your indoor life easy and comfortable, but would also ask you to be a part of it’s waste free masterplan.

As Last-Mile race is being accelerated globally, everything is delivered in such a short time.Now we often buy handful amount of foods through online delivery services whenever we want. Moreover, Early-morning delivery services have gained sensational popularity here in Seoul, based on its hyper-dense city structure. We no longer prefer visiting supermarket once a month to get bunch of groceries. Instead, we order them day by day. And this competitive battle has dramatically changed our food consumption behaviors.

By the way, they have also brought some troubling problem. Everything is overpacked, and consumers are dealing with all those boxes, non-recyclable packing and cushioning wastes. To be honest, package and food wastes are literally soaring.

How can we deal with it?Multiple actions are being made to solve these problem simultaneously, but no one cares about the hidden roots; our big big refrigerator. A Large, maximum capacity refrigerators are boosting waste problems forward. Actually, we all know that they are a bit oversized, and makes us totally lost figuring out what inside.

So maybe it’s time to re-align our anti-sustainable lifestyle. Under limited condition and affordable capacity, we could try a bit more responsible consumptions.

Project Credits

Visual Designer | Sojeong Shim

Industrial Designer | Sungwoo Park & Hyerim Kim

Project Management | Hojung Lee