Yoke Outdoors’ Branding Makes the Whole ‘Nature Thing’ Approachable to Even the Indoors Kids

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Enjoying the outdoors is finding peace with the simpler, softer, and slower lifestyle. Yoke Outdoors is a brand that delivers consumers a way to make cooking outdoors less stressful and less complicated, something people have been craving. Not only are the products functional, they’re also fashionable, especially when paired with the branding system designed by Studio MPLS.

The branding system perfectly reflects nature through a color palette consisting of warm orange, forest green, and natural cream. Additionally, the illustrations and typography add heaps of personality and allow consumers to exist in a world where Smokey The Bear is everyone’s favorite fashion icon. This branding system proves that Yoke is a brand that genuinely understands their consumer simply through its wonderfully natural visual identity.

Project Credits

Studio MPLS