Emerging Black Artist Graffiti Egypt Showcases Her Gorgeous Murals Through Jigsaw Puzzles

Posted inColor & Design

Graffiti Egypt is a Florida-based muralist and artist who uses art to tell beautiful and emotional stories. She understands that every human has a critical story worthy of showcasing through her rich colors and bold images.

Recently, Egypt collaborated with Spin Master Games to rework her murals and portraits into jigsaw puzzles. Not only are these puzzles a delight to assemble, but once you do, you’re left with a beautiful piece of artwork. Fascinatingly, these puzzles are a part of the Spotlight Series Puzzles. This platform gives underrepresented voices a place to celebrate their diversity and share their stories, which goes hand in hand with Egypt’s work. 

“My artwork is inspired by humans from all over the world. My most recent focus has been African tribes,” stated Graffiti Egypt, “There are thousands of African tribes that still exist today, who continue to practice and carry on their traditions. With my artwork, I shed light on some of these tribes so they will not be overlooked nor forgotten.” 

The 500-piece puzzles feature portraits of people from the diverse tribes of Africa and focus on the subject’s individualism. The jigsaw art was reworked from Graffiti Egypt’s original paintings using lively colors, radiant gold, and fearless portraiture. 

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these puzzles, you can find them at Target for under ten dollars.