Get Into the Spring Cleaning Spirit with These Five Interior Design Accounts

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I’ve always been a fan of springtime, when flowers blossom and birds start chirping a little louder. Nevertheless, spring can also incite a stressful feeling of ambition alongside the environmental changes. This energized ambiance seems to take over the second the clocks spring forward. 

That feeling of fresh starts and new growth is probably why spring is a famous time for tidying spaces. So this week, to honor the spring cleaning spirit, I’m sharing five interior design accounts that caught my eye. They might just inspire me to tend to my space more than one spring day a year!

Tori Mellott | @torimellott

Tori Mellott’s Instagram feed is filled with deliciously colorful and patterned interiors. Her almost 5,000 images of captivating design come together to feel like a luxury collage. Mellott is a seasoned pro who’s worked at magazines like Traditional Home, Domino Magazine, and Elle Decor. Currently, she’s Style Director at Frederic, a magazine that covers home design, architecture, entertaining, and more. 

Amy Astley | @amyastley

If you’re interested in learning more about the inner lives of some of the biggest names in home design, you should follow Amy Astley. The Architectural Digest Editor-in-Chief has an account full of compelling images and personal anecdotes from renowned interior designers. You’ll find almost every aesthetic represented on her feed, from whimsical and surreal to modern and beachy.

Bohlert Massey Interiors | @bohlertmassey

The beachy and bohemian aesthetic of this Florida studio shines through each of its interior designs. While their coastal inspiration is apparent, they’re also clearly influenced by traditional Italian architecture and classic Hollywood elegance. Each of their designs has a unique personality, and it’s lovely to see how the clients’ influence makes its way into the final results. It’s a genuinely exciting account and studio, and I often save images from this feed as inspiration for my dream home. 

DISC Interiors | @discinteriors

DISC Interiors is more inspired by their clients’ unique tastes than by traditional design styles. This studio’s Instagram feed highlights their focus on a minimalistic approach with strong, powerful accents. Stylistic choices like high contrast marble and mismatched patterns makes each space feel toned-down, yet eclectic. DISC’s impressive team features principals Krista Schrock and David John Dic, whose clients include Architectural Digest, Living Homes, and Woven Accents at DIEM (Design Intersects Everything Made).

Harry Nuriev | @harrynuriev

Harry Nuriev’s stunning Instagram feed blurs the line between art and design, function and form, and color and intensity. His designs are uniquely futuristic, and he often incorporates unexpected chrome accents. In his work for the cyberpunk cafe 2046 Moscow, he uses neon green furniture and bold splashes of silver to create a dystopian feel. There’s something about his feed that you don’t see every day— unless, of course, you’ve had the exceptional opportunity to work with him, in which case, I’m incredibly jealous.