These Gradient Puzzles Offer a Soothing, Screen-Free Approach To Mindfulness

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Gradients can be profoundly soothing, and puzzles are often relaxing, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the two make for a wholesome combination. Canadian designer Soon “Niña” Cho discovered this during the early days of COVID, when a friend inspired her to turn her illustrations into puzzles. Thus, the Gradient Therapy Collection was born, and after a successful Kickstarter, the rest was history. These puzzles are dazzling by design and inspire the kind of slower-paced, screen-free mindset that everyone could stand to adopt.

Based in Canada, SOONNESS was founded by Soon(aka Niña), an artist who was working full time in a corporate job and worked on personal art projects on the weekends. After the covid hit, Soon decided to take the time to create more and find a way to sustain herself to keep creating. One of her friends suggested to make a puzzle out of her illustrations and that was the start. Soon released her first puzzle in the beginning of 2021, and throughout that year of releasing total 6 puzzle titles, Soon has learned that she could create a business where it could help other artists to create & be supported! On January 7, 2022, SOONNESS opened its own shop and a platform to sell puzzles and accept art submissions from the artists worldwide.

Life Series by Soon Cho
Titles: Forest Life, Marine Life, Arctic Life
Life series is the first collection by SOONNESS. It offers unique art depicting colorful scenes of cute cartoon animals doing everyday human activities. It can be a challenging puzzle (good mix of easy & hard), but family friendly. As you put it together, discover funny animals you can relate to one way or the other. Search for 10 Ninas (a little girl character) who is enjoying her life with animal friends.

Gradient Therapy Collection by Soon Cho (started with Kickstarter)
Titles: Magic Box, Sky Love, Jelly Bean
The series of 3 gradient puzzle designs are for all the puzzle lovers, and anyone who wants to decompress after a busy day. This 1000 piece puzzle can be challenging, but also meditative, focusing on only the colors and piece shapes to put it together, which results in relaxation, getting away from cluttering thoughts. Gradient Therapy Collection boasts modern designs with simple shapes of ombre colors that are soft to look at, they will be perfect to decorate your home.

Our Mission:
Share more Beautiful Art
We are an artist found company where our core values lie on creativity.
We believe that by sharing more art through puzzles, there will be more color & joy in the world. Puzzles not only give us time to play & destress, but also a great medium for everyone to enjoy art by up & coming artists of this time.

Support Artists Worldwide

Being an independent artist is a solo journey and they need a lot of support. We have created a platform where artists can submit their work all year round, for an opportunity to be exposed & be supported. Artists get a cut of every sale, while puzzlers can enjoy their peaceful time! We hope to create our artist & puzzler community to connect and support each other.

Make it Sustainable

We have been working on how to make the business sustainable everyday. Our puzzles are made with recycled paper packaged in a resealable bag, and starting Spring 2022, it will be 100% plastic free, from the product to packaging. This Summer, we will be introducing a “Pick & Pre-order(PNP)” event, where puzzlers would be able to order exclusive puzzles by artists- we will only make enough to fulfill the orders from the event, and pay artists from the sale. We will only make what is necessary.

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