Typeface Heralds Hope for Genocide Survivors

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Foundation Rwanda, a charity dedicating to providing secondary education for the 20,000 children born of rape during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, recently teamed up with members from the creative agency LBi Syrup, to bring awareness to the cause through a new fundraising initiative called “Color Rwanda with Hope.”

The campaign uses mixed media elements, including an original coloring book that showcases powerful inspirational drawings created by Rwandan children, a traveling exhibit of the original artwork and photography, and a moving short documentary, as a means to inspire, and raise awareness about the consequences of genocide and sexual violence through new media.

In addition, to add deeper meaning and context to all the ‘Color Rwanda’ initiatives, members of LBi Syrup created an original ‘Color Rwanda’ typeface, created entirely from the drawings and words in the artwork by Rwandan children that the team encountered during their travels to the African nation.

The artwork, and resulting typeface, reflects what the children would like to be when they grow up and what they wish for most. Many of the drawings depict simple desires like running water and a brick house. In some cases, the typeface uses these drawings to create letters, where letters originally did not exist. The lowercase ‘O,’ for example, is simply a smiling face.

All proceeds raised from the ‘Color Rwanda’ initiative will help fund the Foundation Rwanda’s mission to send each of these 20,000 children to school and give their mothers the opportunity to see their dreams come true for their children.

The typeface is used throughout the coloring book, which is available for purchase for $30 here: www.colorrwanda.org.

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