Wunderkammer of Color: Spring 2012 Edition

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Glorious spring is back! We’re always thrilled at its return, not least because it’s a season rife with color. Herewith, our latest discoveries.

easter egg | spring 2012 color trends

CMYK Easter eggs are a 2012 spring color trend

Source: Martha Stewart CMYK Easter eggs

It’s never too late to dye more Easter eggs. We particularly enjoyed these clever CMYK eggs from Martha Stewart. A perfect re-purpose of that hard boiled egg from the ceremonial Seder plate.

Have you entered Slate’s colorganizing contest? Deadline is April 13, so it’s not too late. (If you yearn for more visual organization, check out our interview with the founder of Things Organized Neatly.)

colorful books | color trends

The colorful library of an interaction designer

Source: Via Flickr

Springtime is the season of avid list-making, so here’s another item for yours: have you signed up for The Color Run in your city? This mashup of the Indian festival of Holi with a 5k run makes for a rollicking bright time on many levels. Get in on this already.

Color design trends

The Color Run

Also, if you live in NYC (or happen to be visiting, or want to book your flight right now), you should attend the marvelously rainbowy Jessi Arrington’s World’s Largest Rainbow Parade on 4/28. (You may recall her sunshiney presence at Print‘s Color Conference last fall.) Join in for just $1 at Kickstarter and watch her completely tasty video pitch below:

Jessi Arrington’s Rainbow Birthday Parade

A few more finds you’ll want to bookmark or share: first, synesthetic crayons

2012 color trends

Synthetic Crayons

…and the age-old battle between the pink and the blue (click through to animate the struggle):

color battle

The pink and the blue

Let’s close with a clever literary game in color. Peter Bamfield of the University of Utah set himself this task: isolate all color mentions in Thomas Pynchon’s novel Gravity’s Rainbow, keeping them in the exact wording and order Pynchon used. Bamfield played only with punctuation to give rhythm to the eccentric, dark beauty of the novel’s world. Here’s Episode 1:

“With blue shadows, cockades the color of lead, globular lights painted a dark green, velvet black surfaces. At each brown floor, a tartan of orange, rust and scarlet. Giant bananas cluster, radiant yellow, humid green. A short vertical white line begins to vanish in red daybreak. Trudges through black compost. Winter gray enough to age this iron among these yellow chandeliers.”

Color bear

Celebration Bear by Lomo-Cam on

Source: Via Flickr

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