13 of PRINT’s Most Popular Comic Book Articles

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Celebrating National Comic Book Day

In celebration of National Comic Book Day, we wanted to share our most popular posts featuring comic books over the past year. From Michael Dooley’s 21 Best Comic-Con Artists of 2015, to a break down of the comic book behind the new Valérian film. Discover the banned comics of Howard Chaykin and spooky horror comics of the 1950s. Enjoy!

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21 Best Comic-Con Artists: A Designer’s Guide

Michael Dooley presents a designer’s guide to the 21 Best Comic Book Artists from Comic-Con 2015.

13 Best Graphic Novels & Books About Comics from 2016—A Designer’s Guide

Calling all fans of animation, history, satire, illustration and more: Explore Michael Dooley’s comprehensive list of comics books and graphic novels from 2016.

The Comics that Corrupted Our Kids!

Cover Your Eyes: the Graphic Horrors of 1950s Comics

Art for Comics and Storyboards: What’s the Difference?

Talking Comics and Movie Posters with Illustrator Matt Taylor

Thought You Had Animation Pegged? Not For Much Longer !

Did Artist Neal Adams Make an Ass Out of Wonder Woman—and Himself?

A recent Wonder Woman cover by Neal Adams has drawn criticism for its steamy and perhaps less-than-empowering depiction of the protagonist. Michael Dooley and Arlen Schumer weigh in.

Picturing Famous Comics Artists and Animators, at Ease

Explore portraits and interviews of cartoonists, comics artists, animators and more, all from Michael Dooley and photographer Greg Preston, who is currently seeking to fund a new volume of his book, The Artist Within.

Valérian: The Rich Graphic Novels Behind the Film

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Design Influence & Inspiration in Jack Kirby’s Comic Art

With censorship growing in the comic world, Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss II is now among the most forbidden comics, including The Story of O.

Howard Chaykin on his lewd, depraved, banned graphic novels

Steve Ditko’s Midcentury Comics Art: Stranger Than Doctor Strange

The visuals in Doctor Strange and other effects-heavy films owe an inspirational debt to Marvel’s dazzling Steve Ditko.

Bernie Wrightson: Horror Comics Master & Father of ‘Swamp Thing’

Will Eisner and the Century of Comics as Art

PRINT Magazine Fall 2017 | The New Visual Artists Issue