Amazing Collective Photography in Solitary Times

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Quarentena Books (Quarantine Books) formed in Brazil under lockdown during the pandemic—and over the course of one month (!) paired eight photographers with eight designers to create eight amazing publications.

Collectively, they are helping communities in Brazil’s Capão Redondo region, which has been hit hard by COVID-19.

The books, available standalone or as a boxed set, feature Cristiano Mascaro’s Portraits Only (design by Julio Mariutti), Ana Carolina Fernandes’ Cinderella (design by Bruno Di Celio), Daniel Klajmic’s Swimming Pool (design by Edu Hirama), Rodrigo Koraicho’s Blame (design by Raphael Ferraz), Bob Wolfenson’s Sub / Emerged (design by Peter Gerab), Paulo Fridman’s NY in the ‘80s (design by Rodolfo Garcia), Claudia Jaguaribe’s Neighbors (design by Mariana Jaguaribe), and Cássio Vasconcellos’ Collectives, featuring design by Kenzo Mayama.

While all the books merit a closer look, the latter title—a visual essay on the transformative nature of the times—is stunning.

“Vasconcellos’ compositions were painstakingly assembled through hundreds of aerial shots taken over the course of a decade,” the project details. “The outcome is a striking body of work, which was reinterpreted by the designer in the context of what ‘distancing’ means in pandemic times.”

The images, fascinating in their own right, are even more fascinating with our newfound pandemic perspective.

Check the work out below. And to get a copy, head to Quarentena Books. All profits benefit Projeto Rizoma.