Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor: Join the Creative Cult

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Students in the creative field have been hit by a triple-whammy during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

First, COVID-19 wiped out the possibility of in-person portfolio shows.

Second, it has virtually eliminated the possibility for new creatives to network at agency hops and other open industry events designed for just that.

And third: Finding a mentor is now harder than ever.

Graduations may have wrapped up, but Cult Futures, the innovation arm of the Cult agency, is seeking to do something about the latter two issues, while also seeking to challenge nepotism and demystify the industry.

“With networking events now all online, there is little opportunity for new talent to have a chance physical encounter with anyone from the industry,” Cult co-founder Bridey Lipscombe says. “The psychological barrier to breaking into the creative sector has never been more acute, and we aim to address that.”

The “Futures: Generation” program seeks to give emerging talent from all socioeconomic backgrounds a chance to thrive in a safe space. The free virtual mentorship program gives 30 candidates access to anyone within Cult’s Brooklyn and London hubs, partnering them with their eventual best fit, and then invites the mentees to events, workshops, networking sessions and more.

To apply, click here.

In addition to accepting applications for mentees, Cult is also seeking mentors from other brands and shops.

“Mentoring has always been such an important part of my career progression, and I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to have a guiding voice,” Cult art director Hannah Smith says. “Elevating voices and activating careers is one of the most important contributions an agency can make.”