Help COGRID-19 Go Viral for a Good Cause

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Grids are great—especially when they’re grids for good.

With COGRID-19, curator Jason Rothman of HUb Strategy & Communication brings together 19 designers from a city to create a shared grid representing their experiences in quarantine. The project launched with two sets of creatives from Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area (where HUb’s offices are located), who produced collective Risograph prints that benefit the Philadelphia Black Giving Circle, and the Tipping Point Community in the Bay Area, respectively.

“I was looking for a way to do something to help out in some way, no matter how small,” Rothman, creative director at HUb, says. “Bringing together creatives to make stuff is what I do at HUb every day, so this experimental project was born out of that. I honestly wasn’t sure if it would even work, but we made it happen thanks to the 38 amazing designers donating their time and talents.”

Rothman and HUb are currently working on grids for Boston and Minneapolis and are hoping to collaborate with designers on prints for other cities. Get in touch with them here if you’re interested in taking part.

As for Philadelphia and the Bay Area, the posters clock in at 11×17 and are printed by Risolve on Neenah Exact Vellum 80lb Bristol. Check them out here.