Meanwhile: Everything That is Truly Glorious About Being Human

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— “When a person aspires to be a brand, they forfeit everything that is truly glorious about being human” – Debbie Millman looks at personal branding and the challenge of turning the messiness of humanity into a market-safe commodity.

— The gentrification font: how House Industries’ rather lovely Neutraface became a neighborhood omen.

— From Irn Bru to the desolate beauty of the remote Scottish Islands – Martin Parr’s photographs of Scotland. Includes his 2004 shot of Gourock Lido, now adorning Blur’s new album, The Ballad of Darren. Is this the first time they’ve used Parr? Seems like such a natural fit, would be bizarre if it’s taken this long.

— Exploring the many treats on display at Photo London, I’m particularly drawn to Anastasia Samoylova’s Image Cities series; street photography that twists reflections and billboards into abstract compositions that play with scale and depth.

— Yet another gem from the ever-clickable P&C: Oh Voxel’s pixelated portrayals of hawker stalls and traditional businesses of Malaysia.

— “Turn professional jealousy into creativity” – ten rules for working under pressure from graphic prop designer extraordinaire Annie Atkins.

— John P. Hess delves into the science and philosophy behind that very specific shade of pale golden yellow – as he calls it “cable yellow” – that was so common in the titles of older television shows.

— Charity Kill! Experience Cuppage! Wilde Wilde! So much joy to be found in this list of 17th and 18th-century Quaker names. Lots of potential for craft ale branding or wrestling monikers.

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