As If Pantone’s Color Of The Year Wasn’t Futuristic Enough, Pantone Is Releasing Very Peri NFTs

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The 2022 Pantone Color of the Year took the internet by storm. With a brand new color the color professionals dubbed “Very Peri,” it was a welcomed refresh that designers and creatives are raving over. 

Not only was this color freshly created for the announcement, but Pantone has announced that it will now launch the first official NFTs from the brand. Powered by the Tezos blockchain with art created by Polygon1993, each piece was inspired by the beloved color of the year. Pantone described in a press release that it’s hosting the NFTs on Tezos blockchain because it’s known to be a speedy, safe, and environmentally-friendly network.

Plus, if you’re local to New York City, you can see the fascinatingly meta-inspired works at ARTECHOUSE. And, if you’re not a Periwinkle lover, no need to worry. Pantone has announced that the goal is to create more NFTs outside the Very Peri hue range, expanding the brand’s futuristic and forward-thinking approach. 

It’s fascinating to see how NFTs have dominated and inspired this past year, and it’ll be even more mesmerizing to see how the periwinkle shade affects both the world of design and the futuristic world of NFTs.