Kickstarter & Pals Partner To Create A $500,000 Fund For Asian, Black, Indigenous, and Latinx Creators

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Not only is Kickstarter a corner of the internet that allows people’s stories to be shared, heard, and supported, but it’s a place for up-and-coming designers to share their work, background, and creative ideas.

In the effort of making the design community more inclusive to Asian, Black, Indigenous, and Latinx creators, Kickstarter has announced that Creative Capital and Skoll Foundation are partnering to launch a $500,000 fund to support these artists by distributing ongoing funds. 

Creative Capital is a nonprofit group with the intention of backing artists’ new work and helping them advance their goals and aspirations. Over 75% of the group’s recent awardees are Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or artists of color representing countless demographics and backgrounds. Additionally, Skoll Foundation’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and innovators by investing in and celebrating them through grants and awareness. Having these two impactful foundations partner with Kickstarter is not only empowering, but it showcases the vast potential that these creators and artists could be gifted, and not only monetarily. 

Creative Capital’s President and Executive Director Christine Kuan stated, “Creative Capital believes that investing in projects at catalytic moments by creators of color can lead to transformative cultural and social impact. We’re honored to extend our venture philanthropy approach and infrastructure to fund innovative artists via this inspiring new partnership.” 

The funds will get awarded throughout all Kickstarter categories, including Arts, Comics & Illustrations, Design & Tech, Film, Food & Craft, Games, Music, and Publishing. Not only will every category be considered, but Creative Capital, Kickstarter, and Skoll Foundation are working collaboratively to sift through projects submitted by Asian, Black, Indigenous, and Latinx creators to ensure an equal chance for all submissions. 

Furthermore, Kickstarter will continually promote the accepted artists by highlighting who has been supported and incorporating them in its newsletters and social media pushes. Moreover, this granted money could assist in bringing numerous creative plans to life, allowing a more diverse and impartial creative community. For example, a few thousand dollars could help fund the space for a visual artist to host their gallery or a filmmaker to produce his comedy, or a comic artist to publish their works finally. 

This fund is helping push the design, arts, and creative spaces towards a more inclusive world. While it takes time, money, and thoughtful attention, Creative Capital, Skoll Foundation, and Kickstarter prove that significant changes can be made with a bit of philanthropic effort. 

If there’s ever been a perfect time to publish your dreams to Kickstarter, now is the moment.