Naked Bits Is a Jigsaw Puzzle That Celebrates Nudity

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Human depictions of the nude body go back to before written history, with the Venus of Willendorf, a small 4.5in figure carved over 25,000 years ago. Naked is our natural state, and artists over millennia have explored emotions, concepts, and ideas through the human form. Even the unconventional and taboo could be subtly referred to in art. Folks in the buff have been portrayed in basically every media, from drawings, paintings, and photography right on down to the latest cutting-edge computer-generated imagery. A new collection of jigsaw puzzles continues in that tradition for a contemporary audience.

The brainchild of designers Delta Murphy and Nicole Robinson, Naked Bits was conceived in 2017. At first, a funny shower idea, they eventually became enamored with the prospect of creating something that questioned taboos and conventionality in a fun, playful way.

Cheekily called Naked Bits, the series questions our preconceived notions of nudity, identity, body types, and sexuality. The 550 piece puzzles feature works by Bob Mizer, Anne Barlinckhoff, and Shoog McDaniel in the first four volumes. The covers feature an image of the solved puzzle, save for certain puzzle pieces that serve as an act of modesty while not capitulating to body shame. Copy gets set in stark typography and different nude colors.

"The way society interacts with nude images evolves over time depending on the laws, popular opinion, technology, and so much more," said co-founder Delta Murphy. "From a design perspective, we loved the idea of using the puzzle as a medium for nude images because it felt unexpected and approachable at the same time. More importantly, we felt that in this current world of instant gratification, where nearly every image is just a mouse click away, Naked Bits could remind us to enjoy the anticipation of something desired."

"By pairing images that feature nudity with a game that inherently requires patience and attention to detail, we are invited to slow down, enjoy the build-up to the puzzle climax, and maybe learn something new," adds co-founder Nicole Robinson. "Our favorite part of this nudity and puzzle combination might be the excitement of finding the puzzle pieces with the bits of nudity before your friends do!"

Naked Bits will launch this March 23rd on Kickstarter.